Locandina incontro 20.07.2016. Roma

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Civil Solidarity with Refugees. The Case of Hungary 20/07/2016 Rome

In response to the refugee crises, in order to help refugees some of the Hungarian civil movements organized themselves and circulated information on Facebook (e.g. Let’s Help the Refugees Together Group, Migration Aid Facebook Group). They provided humanitarian help and services for refugees. These activities were considered in many cases illegal under Hungarian law, but at the same time they were protecting universal values (e.g. human dignity, equality), which are the basis of the international and the European human rights protection system. The legally established Hungarian human rights NGOs – the ones which are active in the protection of asylum-seekers and other migrants – followed the Hungarian legal rules, because this was the only way they were able to provide legal assistance for some of the refugees. However, they advocate institutional change.

This initiative had been organized in the context of the Hungarian – Italian Joint Project: Human Rights of Asylum Seekers in Italy and Hungary – Influence of International and EU Law on Domestic Actions.