Lake Chad, located at the heart of the Sahel region, is one of Africa’s largest water reservoirs. Today, however, the lake is dying. Its drying-up is causing a severe ecological and economic crisis and threatens to lead to hunger tens of millions of people, whose survival is closely linked to the life of the lake.

But there is more: the drying-up of Lake Chad poses a threat to the security and the geopolitical balance of the whole region. This is due, on the one hand, to the fact that the combination of factors of fragility – above all poverty – contributes to the revival or reinforcement of conflicts and terrorism in that part of Africa, and on the other hand, to the massive waves of migration towards Europe, caused by the depletion of water and food resources.
Therefore, solving the lake’s problems is crucial not only from an ecological and environmental point of view, but also for the sake of the economic, social and political development of the Sahel region.
The causes and the prospects for a solution of these problems will be addressed at the international conference organized by the National Research Council of Italy (Institute for International Legal Studies), in collaboration with the National Academy of Sciences, the Italian Geographical Society, “Limes” the Italian Journal of Geopolitics, with the support of the Italian Farmers’ Confederation (CIA). Special attention will be given to international cooperation initiatives aimed at revitalizing Lake Chad and the possible contribution of the “Italian system” to this goal.

Il lago Ciad. Un serbatoio di cibo e acqua tra disastro ambientale e cooperazione internazionale. Quale contributo dal “sistema Italia”? 14 ottobre 2015, Milano EXPO  Scarica Brochure (pdf)  – Manifesto (pdf)

Le lac Tchad. Une source fondamentale d’eau et de nourriture entre catastrophe écologique et coopération internationale. Quelle contribution possible du ‘système Italie’ ? mercredi 14 octobre 2015, Milano EXPO – Brochure

The Lake Chad Case. A Source of food and water standing between environmental disaster and international cooperation. What role for Italy? BIODIVERSITY PARK Teatro della Terra
Wednesday October 14, 2 p.m., Milano EXPO Brochure (eng)