The aim of the Project is to analyse and assess, from the viewpoint of international law, the relationship that exists between the domestic legal order of Italy and the international and EU legal orders. The Project is structured in two sections each other complementary. One section focuses on the contribution given by Italy to the development of international law, including unwritten law. It also explores the role Italy plays in the context of State multilateral relations and, most in particular, as a Member of the United Nations, the European Union, and other global or regional European organizations. The other section has the main purpose of advancing and disseminating knowledge on the application of international and EU law in Italy. This includes studies on the obligations resulting from Italy’s participation in multilateral treaties and the EU integration process, and the impact of these obligations on the domestic legal order and the civil society in Italy. All Project activities are carried out with a view to help filling gaps in the existing legal and institutional framework, and support action for putting legislation, policies and practices in line with the changes that continuously occur globally, in Europe, and at the national level.