The Project aims to analyse and evaluate the tools, financial resources, priorities and objectives of the international and European bilateral, multi-bilateral and multilateral cooperation for environmental protection and the management of natural resources. Particular attention is paid to cooperation in the sectors of energy and space. In this context, it is of great importance to define innovative approaches, measures, plans, and modes of action, taking into account new geopolitical scenarios at the global and regional levels, humanitarian and environmental emergencies (some of which originate in climate change), and the multiplication of conflict zones. The Project research, higher education and institutional consulting activities concern: systems of governance; the relationship between human rights and the environment; the consequences of the development of economic activities in the polar regions; the international designation of protected areas. Higher and post graduate education activities include the Master’s Degree in “Space Institutions and Policies” set up by ISGI in collaboration with the Italian Space Agency (ASI) and the Italian Society for International Organisations (SIOI). At the regional level, the Project  focuses on the processes of harmonization of laws in Eastern Europe Countries with regard to the ‘acquis communautaire’.

  • The Interaction of the Law of the Sea with other Fields of International Law, International Workshop, 23/24 February 2018, University of Tromso (Norway) – Photo
  • Current Trends in International Environmetal Law, Lectio Magistralis by Gianfranco Tamburelli on the invitation of the Rector of the Mariupol State University (Mariupol State University, Ukraine (19 May 2017) – Eventi CNR
  •  La Governance global e dell’Ambiente – Incontro scientifico organizzato da Amedeo Postiglione (ICEF – International Court of the Environment Foundation), intervento di Gianfranco Tamburelli su: Dinamiche degli scenari geopolitici globali e Cooperazione internazionale in Artico, Società italiana per l’organizzazione internazionale SIOI (15 maggio 2017)
  • Legal Framework of Nuclear Power Sources in Outer Space, Lecture di Viviana Iavicolpresso l’Università Nazionale “Taras Shevchenko” di Kiev, (14 aprile 2016)
  • Artico: Cooperazione Internazionale per la Tutela dell’Ambiente e lo Sviluppo Sostenibile Tavola Rotonda organizzata dal Master Universitario di II livello in Diritto dell’Ambiente (Dipartimento Scienze Giuridiche, Università Sapienza) in collaborazione con l’ISGI (Aula Calasso, Facotà di Giurisprudenza, Università Sapienza, Roma 26 marzo 2015) – Eventi CNR

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Project Activities on Space Law