• Autodeterminazione e diritto a decidere in Europa (ADDE) [more >>>]
  • Capacity: the law is equal to all – Innovative Models and Tools for Support Decision-Making and Full Social Inclusion of People with Intellectual Disabilities. [more >>>]
  • Cooperazione tra Italia e Cuba (CICU) [more >>>]
  • Cooperazione internazionale anti-COVID [more >>>]
  • EU Non-Proliferation and Disarmament Consortium. [more >>>]
  • European Centre of Space Law (ECSL) – Italian National Point of Contact (NPOC). [more >>>]
  • European Migration Network – Italian National Contact Point. [more >>>]
  • Federalismo e autogoverno, l’esempio del Rojava (FAER). [more >>>]
  • Gli indigeni come soggetti internazionali emergenti (ISIE) [more >>>]
  • Gli ordinamenti giuridici alla prova dei cambiamenti tecnologici e
    climatici. [more >>>
    > High Tech and International Law. [more >>>]
    > Climate Change and International Law. [more >>>]
  • Governance economica, responsabilità sociale d’impresa e diritto internazionale. [more >>>]
  • International Law, Law of International Organizations, EU Integration Process: The Role of Italy and National Practice on Implementation. [more >>>]
  • Law and International Cooperation in the Fields of Sustainable Development, Environmental Protection, Management of Natural Resources and Space. [more >>>]
  • Multilevel Protection of Human Rights in International, European and National Law [more >>>]
  • Rete internazionale sul debito estero (RIDE) [more >>>]
  • Relations between the EU, Eastern Countries and Russia. New Challenges and Opportunities in Ukraine. [more >>>]
  • Unification and Integration of Law in Latin-America. [more >>>]
  • Scientific Cooperation with the Italian Society of International and European Law. [more >>>]
  • Collaboration agreement for the dissemination and application of the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises between the Ministry of Economic Development-National Contact Point and ISGI. [more >>>]