In December 2011, further to a three evaluation steps procedure, the network concept idea was admitted to the financial support of COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology, the longest-running European instruments supporting cooperation among scientists and researchers across Europe, entirely financed by the 7° FP of the European Union).

The ISGI research team, leaded by the proposer of the Network, dr. Gemma Andreone, has first worked at the setting up and is now working at the implementation of the Action which will be running for the next four years (March 2012 – March 2016). Indeed, ISGI has been nominated the Grant Holder by the first Management Committee of the Action on 28 March 2012.

Marsafenet IS1105 Cost Action will take an in-depth look at current urgent maritime matters focusing on four main issues: shipping and marine environmental protection, new developments of economic activities at sea, maritime international security and border surveillance and, finally, protection of fragile and semi enclosed seas.

Marsafenet aims to bring together experts in international law of the sea in order to increase the knowledge on these topics and to develop a common conceptual and methodological framework with the goal of contributing to fill the existing legal gaps and of transforming scientific results into feasible solutions for ensuring safety and security at sea. The Action is intended to foster the identification and exploitation of synergies between EU policies on maritime safety and security and to be complementary to the existing European cross-sectorial initiatives in this area, allowing the existing knowledge to be shared and enhanced within a structured comparative framework, with a view to disseminate findings at national and international level and identifying inputs for supporting the decision-making process in the field. In terms of societal implications, Marsafenet is aimed at facilitating the detection of solutions for old and new issues and criticalities, that may be implemented within the public realm (decision-makers, international institutions, international and national tribunals, EU institutions, etc.) and within the private sector (shipping sector, civil society, NGOs, etc.).

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ISGI research team:

Dr. Gemma Andreone, Action Chair

Dr. Marco Fasciglione, MC member

Dr. Valentina Rossi, MC substitute member

Dr. Giorgia Bevilacqua, WG member

Dr. Alessandro Frandi, Administrative Officer